Most Popular Frameworks for Building Progressive Apps In 2021

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Connecting with the web’s power with mobile has always been one of the most challenging tasks for the development community. Although we have come across many tools and frameworks in this scenario that provides the perfect blend of performance and higher reach, the result is always subpar. Do you ever think about how technology has changed your life? Whether it is watching the television or the way you use mobile, every aspect of life has undergone many changes due to the constant technologies.

Businesses should be quick in adapting to the changing development trends. If you do not match with the latest trends, you will lose the race. This is the reason why Nokia lost the battle to companies like Apple and Samsung. As per Statista, there are more than 4 billion smartphone users on the globe.

This figure will reach 4.8 billion in the next three years. As smartphone adoption has increased, businesses have witnessed many changes in how they market their products to customers. After all, the technology opened up new spheres for targeting the customers directly.

Very soon, smartphones have become one of the most important and highly influential channels for getting loyal customers and generating engagements. Just like the other technologies, mobile phones have also evolved. One latest technology that smartphones have used recently is the Progressive Web App or the PWA.

What Do You Understand By The Progressive Web Applications?

The PWA results from the unique cross-platform app development process that delivers these website pages installed on the mobile phone through the mobile browsers. It is the hybrid version of the native app and the mobile website and uses the standard website technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for delivering an app-like UI. However, unlike the other native apps, the Progressive web apps have better loading time, can function online and offline and are easily discovered by search engines. This is why reputed brands like Alibaba, Twitter, and Trivago use these Progressive web apps to improve user experience.

Benefits of using the Progressive Web Apps

  • As PWA is accessed through the browser, it is compatible with the OS and mobile devices.
  • Technically, the PWA is a website, so no one can rely on the power of search engine optimisation for boosting SEO rankings.
  • The user is not able to install the PWA on the smart devices.
  • It has the app UI/UX, which function offline too.
  • The user does not have to update the PWA manually. All the updates occur automatically.

What Is So Trending In Progressive Web Apps?

Research has found that app development and maintenance savings can be more than 30% if the progressive apps fulfil all the mobile needs. With the innovative and latest features like the lighting speed page loading, quick transitions, and light page designs, these progressive apps positively impacted the brands. After using the PWAs, –

  • The Mobify saw a 20% increase in mobile sales and revenues
  • Pinterest rebuilt the mobile site as the PWA has increased the engagement to 60%
  • Lancome witnessed a growth of 85% in the recovery rate in the shopping carts by push notifications sent via PWA

The Most Popular Progressive Web App Frameworks To Choose

If you are thinking of using progressive web apps for the business’s marketing, the first step is to decide which framework you will choose. The first step is to determine what type of development framework to build while developing the apps. As per the experts offering web development services Toowoomba, here are some of the most popular PWAs to check out-


Google builds it in the year 2010; AngularJS uses the JavaScript ecosystem to build up robust and trusted PWAs. Angular five was released in the year 2017. It is the very first version that supports PWAs. The Progressive Web App development framework allows creating the PWA with the help of JSON configuration, hence reducing the need to build up the website app from scratch. Though the previous versions required high expertise to work with, Angular 8 has two additional CLI commands that simplify installing the web app on a mobile device.

  • Implementation is straightforward due to the availability of a well-defined methodology.
  • CLI’s contribution has cut down short the framework’s learning curve
  • Like react has a vast community of developers
  • Google itself maintains the code that ensures smooth operation and support.


It is an open-source SDK based on the Angular and Apache Cordova progressive web app framework designed in 2013. It is advantageous to develop more than 5 million hybrid apps recently. It has a massive library of components for both the iOS and Android platforms. It is used both for building the website pages running inside the device browser with the help of WebView.

  • As it is open-source, it does not need to have purchase ionic. This app development is deficient, making it one of the best choices for small businesses.
  • It is straightforward to maintain with debugging tools and built-in browser support.
  • It has an extensive library of plugins for accessing the APIs


Google develops Polymer, which is an open-source web app framework. It has a wide range of templates, web components, PWA tools, and it uses HTML, JS, JSS and, making it one of the most popular frameworks.

  • The APIs are easy to understand
  • It has excellent documentation that simplifies the implementation process
  • Polymer enables the entire web app stack support that includes the responsive layouts and data tier.


It is supported by Facebook, one of the most popular and highly functional progressive web app frameworks. It is prevalent among web developers due to the highly extensive JavaScript library. In addition, it makes use of JSX for linking with the HTML structure.

  • Facebook maintains the code that ensures smooth operations and support
  • It has the pervasive ecosystem
  • It helps in creating scalable and flexible apps
  • The rendering process is swift

This is the list of the latest progressive web apps to use this year if you want to develop advanced web apps, better to consult with the expert from GRIVITY, one of the trusted web app development companies in Toowoomba having several years of experience in this field.