Everything to Know About Social Commerce in 2021 And How It Helps Businesses to Grow

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Social commerce is said to be one of the fastest-growing online shopping trends that you have seen recently. Though it is part of the e-commerce umbrella, you will see in the social commerce guide its benefits. Today, in this guide, you will have a clear idea of social commerce, the benefits of social commerce, which type of platforms generally support social commerce, and so on.

Even the reputed online marketing companies focusing on this strategy also provide the benefits of using social commerce in the current year and the upcoming years to help businesses grow.

What Do You Understand by Social Commerce in 2021?

Social commerce is buying and selling any good or service directly from social media platforms. This model moves the concept of social media beyond the traditional role by encouraging the users to complete the entire transaction process without getting out from their preferred applications. For example, suppose you see the Facebook platform. In that case, you will see thousands of women or men selling products or providing services directly through lives, and payment gateways or online transactions make the payment.

The business owners agree that with the help of social commerce, businesses can take their yearly revenue to new limits, as per The State of Social Media Investment Report. In the last few years, about eight businesses within 10 are now selling products or services via social media. In 2020, due to the pandemic, more and more businesses have turned online, and they have experienced new heights. Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram have launched various social commerce tools that help retail owners to streamline the online shopping experience at the time of pandemics.

Know the Difference between Social Commerce and Ecommerce?

Ecommerce mainly refers to the business that encompasses buying and selling goods online, and the model is easy and convenient and far beyond the perfect. As per the experts working on social media advertising in Toowoomba, more than 50% of the traffic comes from mobile devices. Mobile users have a higher cart abandonment rate than those who generally use desktops. As the buyers like to buy the items from the small screen, streamlining the checkout channel is the main key in eCommerce.

This is where social commerce plays its role. It generally helps in removing the flaws of the eCommerce, like the abandonment transactions left.

What Are the Benefits of Social Commerce?

Are you not sure whether social commerce is better than eCommerce or not? Here are some of the points that describe the benefits of social commerce-

  • It helps to grow the audience
  • Helps in establishing trust and loyalty
  • Increase in the overall traffic and engagement
  • Track and improve the ROI of the business

The Most Popular Social Commerce Platforms in 2021

On which platform does your audience hang out most of the time? Chances are there that you can find your customers in any one of these platforms discussed below-

  • Instagram – To sell here, you need to have the Instagram business account connected to the Facebook Page. Apart from this, you need to sell physical products that comply with the terms and conditions of Instagram.
  • Facebook- This platform lets you connect to the customers through Messenger, Instagram direct, or WhatsApp. Facebook shops can be customised, allowing the owners to provide the product catalogue to the buyers easily.
  • Pinterest- This platform has a long-term effect on the mind of the users. With the help of Product Pins, businesses can show pricing and stock information to the users.
  • Twitter- this platform has been providing the best shopping experience to users for many years. The recent addition, Twitter Offers, let businesses create promotions without leaving the app.

If you want to utilise social platforms, you should always promote the low-cost products, take help from the influencers, and generate with the help of social proofs like social media accounts. If you are one of them who wants to utilise the social platforms for business promotions and growth, take help from the experts working in Grivity, one of the trusted digital marketing and social media marketing companies in Toowoomba to choose from.