Detecting and Deflecting SEO Attacks are Now Easier with These Hacks


We all know that SEO is one of the most important marketing tactics that can help open gates to a large volume of traffic on the website. Apart from this, it also helps in increasing the business revenue and ROI as a whole.

Since all the business owners are out there to target the customers with professional approaches and customised business strategies, such competition can sometimes become dirty. In this blog, you will know how the experts working at a search engine marketing agency in Toowoomba find out and deflect the SEO attacks to save the businesses from penalties.

Ranking for a specific keyword on the first page on SERP is the best thing that can happen to any business. But, unfortunately, the world has become meaner with the running competition, giving rise to negative SEO.

As the black hat SEO is impossible into the optimisation process, negative SEO has already taken over. To know whether the sudden decrease in the website ranking is due to the effect of the negative SEO, here is what you should understand now-

Detecting and Deflecting SEO Attacks

What Do You Know by Negative SEO?

It is defined as the set of steps that will effectively be used to bring down the competitor’s rankings by negatively impacting the optimisation techniques. One can easily identify it as it is the opposite of the positive SEO that aims to demote the competitor’s website rather than promote it.

Lowering down the SEO ranking can be made possible by several effective ways like hacking the website, altering the backlinks they are having, adding spam links to the contents, redirecting the links to the unethical pages, making fake social media handles, writing fake reviews and many more. There are so many ways that can negatively impact SEO and rankings.

Google has come up with safety guidelines that protect the search engine result pages and URLs against the negative SEO measures, further helping in detecting and deflecting the negative SEO attacks.

Detecting The SEO Attacks

  • Sudden Decreases in The Website Traffic
    If you notice that your website has experienced a sudden decrease in traffic each day, and you have not opted for anything or any tool on the website, it might be the side effect of the negative SEO attack.
  • Receiving an Alert from Google Due to Unnatural Links
    Suppose the Google Search Console shows the message from Google, talking about the penalty and how you are having unnatural links in the website. In such cases, it becomes simple to understand that someone is negatively impacting your SEO.
  • Sudden Increase in The Number of Backlinks
    If you notice that your website has an increasing number of backlinks, it is due to SEO attacks. However, if you find out that there is a surprising number of backlinks on the website, you can use the backlink monitoring tool that will help you to detect and deflect the negative SEO attack.

Suppose you consult a local SEO company Toowoomba. In that case, the experts say that there are some additional points to check if your website faced SEO attacks or not, and they are the presence of scraped content in the website and a sudden drop in keyword rankings.

Avoiding The Seo Attacks

  • Setting the email attacks from the Google webmaster tool
  • Tracking the backlinks
  • Protecting the backlinks
  • Checking the scraped contents
  • Protecting the website from malware attack

Here in this blog, I have listed some detecting signs that show your website has faced SEO attacks and some points afterwards that will help deflect such attacks and help your website grow and get high-quality backlinks, revenues, and sales. If you wish your website to stay on top of SERP rankings, it is very important to follow positive SEO and identify the flaws and amend them as soon as possible. If you want to have good results for your website, choose the expert from Grivity, one of the trusted digital marketing companies in Toowoomba. Then, visit the official site to know more.