How Website Design and Development Work Together?

Web Design and Development In Toowoomba

We all know that creating a website needs several skills and tactics; two of the most important are website design and web development. Though you feel that these two terms are interchangeable, they are both essential and crucial for building a new site, but there are some differences. Here, in this blog, you will learn the main difference between website design and development and how they help your business get the desired results. 

How is Web Design Different From Website Development?

The website designers and developers work hand-in-hand to develop a website. However, the primary focus of both these elements is quite different. This contrast is vital if you want to make a perfectly balanced website that meets the clients’ expectations, fulfils the search engine optimisation strategies, and keeps the site functions.

Visual and Behind The Scene Difference

One of the simple ways to separate a website designer’s task from a developer is to think about the website from two aspects. Mainly, the designers will focus on the portion that the website visitors will see. Hence, the website designers have to focus on how the users navigate the site and interact with the website’s content.

On the other hand, the developers have to focus on the back-end of the website. They bring the design to life and make the site interactive. There are two types of developers, the front-end developer and the back-end developer. The front-end developer’s role is the same as that of the designer, indicating building the website’s portion that the audience will see. The back-end developer will go deeper into the technical aspects like CMS or content management system, form submissions and data transferring. 

Difference in Terms of Aesthetics And Logistics

Developing a site is similar to building a house. The goal is to make an aesthetically pleasing website and have a strong foundation and functional space. Web design and development can also be defined in the same manner- the design portion mainly focuses on the site’s visual parts. They work on how to enhance the users’ experience. It includes-

  • Creating an easy layout for users to follow and guide them to the crucial parts of the site
  • Utilising brand elements like typography, graphics and colour pallets
  • Incorporating relevant like video or compelling images

Once the design is made, the visual elements focus on the blueprint for the web development process. Now it is time for the developer to make the website interactive and keep the logistical perspective. The focus of the developer is;

  • To establish an appropriate platform where the website is made
  • Writing and manipulating the code for achieving the goals of designers and allow the site to run faster and smoother
  • Incorporate usable features like forms, plugins, E-Commerce features and lots more

Designing and developing a website requires collaboration between these two skills, and some overlapping also happens. Even some people possess both skills. In a nutshell, website design and development provide creative and technical skills for creating highly functional and SEO-friendly websites. If you want to hire experts for Web Design and Development In Toowoomba, GRIVITY would love to partner with your business.

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