Best React UI Component and Animation Tools You Must Choose

React UI Component

User interaction and engagement are very crucial for the success and growth of mobile apps. So the developers in web and app development should use attractive user interfaces and animations. In the current days, users love to use animations while using the apps on their mobiles. Besides, the animation also helps the users to take their experience to new heights. The same goes in the case of the React Native UI app development.

If you are willing to develop a mobile app that should get a higher reach and more users in a short time, a well-designed user interface and animations help. So, the developers should use the UI components and animation libraries when they work on the React Native UI platform. So, if you are plan to develop mobile app for your business, first, you must discuss your needs with experts who offer mobile and web design and development in Toowoomba.

Here Are the Top React Native UI Components to Use This Year-

React Native Maps

If the users want to explore more with the apps and maps, you can implement the React Native Maps. This particular library is customised and has lots of map elements perfect for both the iOS and Android platforms. The mobile developers can customise the tailored map style, customise the markers, alter the map viewing region, and overlay the components on the given map. The developers can also use the animated API to animate the zoom mode, position the map, and provide the user with a better user experience.

React Native Elements

This cross-platform library is easy to customise that also has lots of contributed elements. This platform provides customised themes too. It also incorporates the badges, star ratings, dividers, pricing, avatars, overlays and social icon buttons. These animation elements not only aim to offer an all-inclusive UI kit for mobile development, but it also reduces the hassle of putting all the packages together by offering the mobile developers a readymade kit with a stable API, and the apps look great.

React Native Paper

The cross-platform and open-source library includes more than 30 production-ready and customised elements that follow the material design regulations. This element supports both the light and the dark themes. The developers can also use this component to move in between various themes. If the developer chooses one particular theme, use the Appearance API of React Native UI for applying the theme depending upon the device settings. The React Native Paper also allows developers to easily add clean, simple, and easy customised UI elements to the development plan. If you want to add these elements to the mobile app, you can discuss your needs with the app developer who works in the mobile app Development Company in Toowoomba.

React Native Snap Carousel

With the help of this element, the developers will add techniques to allow showing the bunch of photos in the Gallery. This element brings about multiple layouts, parallax images and managing the significant other services too. In short, it helps the developers to put various contents on mobile devices. By using stylish carousels or sliders in the app, the user will easily move the contents on the app in different directions. Snap Carousel has a wider API and multiple plug-in-use layouts.

These are some of the most popular React Native UI Components. When you are looking for the animation libraries, you can check some variants like React Native Animatable, Fluid Transitions for React Navigation, Fluid Transitions, Pose, Lottie for React Native, Ignite CLI and so on.

To provide the best UI while using the mobile apps, the developers should implement these components and libraries to take the app to the next level. Consult the app development team from Grivity to build functional apps for both Android and iOS platforms.